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We are located in Louisville Ky east end area.

If you are looking for a tiny, cute, fluffy, healthy and a Hypoallergenic puppy !!!!!!!!! then you just found one of Dean's puppies :)

Contact Dean's cell:  502 855 0323

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At present, We have Teacup Pomeranian,  Shihtzu, Teddybear and Pomibear puppies ready to go to a new homes now.​..also, Check the new born puppy's page located in this site to see all the newborn puppies that will be ready to go to new homes in the soon future.

We do not take deposit and we do't hold puppies for later on sell. 

We take cash only, NO checks and NO Credit card. 

Click on each pic to be directed to the suitable page for each breed type.  

Morkie puppies for sale in KY
Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale