Availability.. At this time we have only one litter of  Toy Teddypoo puppies.  No other available puppies can be available before Jun-1-2021

Ask us to send you a video of them, Must read all their info located on their page and must read our policy and agreement before you contact us. 

Feel free to text or call 502 855 0323, please include your name, the breed type, gender and the puppy number that you wish to purchase. We will respond to your text within minutes.  

 We do not take deposit, we do't hold puppies for later on sell.

We take cash only, NO checks and NO Credit card. 

​Please brows around this website and must read "How to purchase" page, read our policy and agreement before you contact us. We wish you the best of luck to find your new companion.      

About Dean.... .... 


Dean is an educated breeder.  He is specialized in breeding hypoallergenic dogs and Pomiranians.  He studied 6 years in a veterinary school. Earned bachelor degree in musicology, earned diploma in clinical nutrition's.  Dean knows how to breed a great line of dog's, knows about all vaccination, worming, parasites prevention and all other medication needed to treat and prevent diseases and conditions, he loves his dogs and he feeds them all they need to eat because it's part of his study and the key for success. 

Dean said " People needs to know that dogs must not eat just dry food.  Feed your dogs good quality dry and wet food mixed, hard boiled eggs including the shell, Apple and other Non-citrus fruits and vegetables like dark leafy greens ( Collard, Kale, Arugula etc..... also, Cooked boneless chicken and meat. " 

Uncooked meat will make your dog aggressive toward each others and perhaps toward kids and you. 

Generosity and kindness....          

Dean offers ???% Discount for any person got scam or lost a puppy/dog during the past 3 months " must show proof". Discount will be based on the lost amount.   

If you find a puppy elsewhere that is into your liking, we can help you find out if they are scam or uneducated breeder who may sell you a sick puppy.   Dean saved many people from getting scam and saved many from purchasing a sick puppy.

You can do it and Dean can help. 


We are located in Louisville, KY East end area. 

Contact Info......

Dean's cell:  502 855 0323

​​​​​​​​  Welcome to Deanspuppies.com