How to purchase one of Dean's puppies​​​​                                                                     

                                                                                   Policy & sell agreement 

Our Policy... ... 

* To avoid complications we take cash only.  No check and No credit card (No exceptions). (NO TAX) 

* We do not take deposit to hold a puppy that is not yet ready to leave its mother, we do not hold puppies for later on sell, we do not puppy sit after the sell and we do not provide medical assistance after the sell.  All checkup and treatments after the sell must be provided by a Vet of your choice.  We do not recommend any vet of our choice.     

* We provide 100% accurate and honest info related to each puppy and we provide clear images and videos to help you choose the puppy that is into your liking however, We are not perfect. 

* You must read carefully all the sell agreement terms and conditions located in this page. 

*On one hand, We share our love and affection. On the other hand, there are at least 5 sicknesses can be transmitted from human to puppies like ( Mumps, ringworm, salmonella, Giardia  parasites, and Parvo which is the instant killing virus etc...... therefore, we do not allow anyone to step into our facility and we do not allow handling/touching any of our puppies before purchasing it (We do not have a petting zoo), We do not show the puppy parents and we do not show all the pups to pick one of them.  You get to pick your puppy that you are looking for only from this site then you get to see it in person before you purchase it.  After reading this info, if you ask to hold a puppy before purchasing it (making an excuse) that you want to feel its temperament it means you will give us a negative impression that you are a novice purchaser therefore, your request will be denied because we strongly believe that all puppies born to be like a blank page, they pick their behavior from you, from your family members and from your environments. A 7-weeks-old puppy knows nothing and need nothing than food, water, proper care and much love. If you claim that you are a serious buyer, truly passionate and compassionate then feel free to Touch, handle, kiss, play and love on your puppy when it becomes yours but do not ask to do so when something yet is not yours.  If you do not like your kids to be touched by a stranger then do not ask to touch Dean's puppies... How about that!!!!!!!?       

It's your choice to either purchase from us a 100% healthy puppy that will keep you smiling and happy all the time or perhaps a sick one from some other careless and money hungry breeder who allow their pups to be handled by many hands and lick many sweaty faces.  Ask your vet about the risk you will be taking when purchasing your new friend from those type of breeders or simply ask Uncle Google :)

Respectfully, if you disagree with this policy then get your puppy from elsewhere.  Dean's puppies will go only to a great and understanding family :) 


                                                                                     How to purchase one of Dean's puppies?

* Through this website, pick the puppy that is into your liking.  

* Have the full amount ready only in Cash. (No check and No credit card). 

* Call Dean at 502 855 0323 to set a day and time to purchase your puppy.


* You must call a vet of your choice to have your puppy checked the day you are willing to purchase it.  You must inform us with your vet' name, phone number and the appointment time to be confirmed. We have a full confidence that our puppies are 100% healthy and checked by our vet so we need your vet to clarify that before any unintentional/intentional harm may be caused to your puppy while it's in your position. 

* If you fail providing us with the required info, you will not be able to see or purchase one of Dean's puppies under any circumstances (No exceptions).

* After the sell is done, if you fail to have said puppy checked a vet, you will loose all your rights mentioned in our sell agreement.  

Please read our sell agreement below.

                                                                                                           sell agreement

                                                                                                                                         Dean's  dog's Kennel

                                                                                                                                     Cell Phone (502) 855 0323

Purchaser first name___________________________________________    Last name ___________________________________  phone number ______________________________________________

Specie type _______________________________ Specie gender ___________________ Specie breed ______________________________ Specie D.O.B _________________________________________

Specie weight at the age of ___________________________________________ Specie color __________________________________ Specie marking _________________________________________

Specie full price + tax  $_________________________

1) You must be 21-years-old or older to purchase our puppies.

2)  A Video recording will be taking for said puppy before, during and after the sell to show the condition of said pet before leaving our place. 

3) Purchasers must call a vet of choice to have said pet checked the day they are willing to purchase, purchaser must inform the seller with the vet contact info and the appointment time to be confirmed.  No sell if purchaser fail to do so.   If purchasers fail to have said pet checked by a vet for any reason at the agreed appointment (date and time) they will loose all their rights mentioned in this agreement.       

4) Purchasers must print out or screen shot said pet full info located on its page to be shared with their vets... We do not handle papers.  

5) Purchaser must have enough knowledge about how to care for said pet and how to keep it healthy, We are not responsible to educate purchasers how to do so. However, we provide basic information through this website explains how to care for your new said pet to keep it healthy.

6) Only during the first vet visit, If said pet found by a vet to suffer as a result of only incurable disease or condition We agree to only exchange said pet with another... We do not refund money under any circumstances.  In this case, purchaser must provide the seller with a vet written document to prove that said pet condition is incurable.  No exchange If purchaser fail to provide the requested document to the seller only during the first visit's time and date.         

7) Purchaser must not change the puppy's diet before consulting a vet. Sudden change of diet may cause digestive complications, vomiting, Diarrhea and perhaps a bloody stool and dehydration that may lead to a serious sickness. We provide each puppy with its food for free at the sell day. 

8) No refund for any vet bills or any out of pocket expenses for any reason and any circumstances. 

9) No refund or exchange if the purchaser or any of his/her family members found to be allergic to said pet or found to not get along with it.

10) Puppy's features may change during the growing period especially, color and size.  All small breeds like the Pomeranians carry the original recessive genes that make some or all the puppies' size either smaller or larger than their parents size when become full grown therefore, We don't guarantee said pet weight, size and color and we don't guarantee its back ground genes even if purchaser provides a DNA test shows a different back ground genes than what we claimed/believed because We sell puppies as a pet that will win your heart when you see them not for breeding.  We do not sell registered puppies. 

Being honest is better than some breeders who will sell you a registered puppy with fake papers :)  

I the purchaser acknowledge that said pet appeared healthy, active, and i didn't notice any sign of sickness, limping or off balance the day i purchased it.

I the purchaser acknowledge that i read carefully this sell agreement and I acknowledge that i understood all its terms and conditions. I acknowledge that the seller explained to me this agreement terms and conditions and i was fully aware before i purchased said pet. 

I the purchaser acknowledge that my signature is not required in this agreement and by purchasing said puppy i considered my self agreeing to all its terms. 

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