​​​​                                                                      Policy & sell agreement 


                                                                                                                         Our Policy

We don't allow handling our puppies this is how we keep them healthy..........

         Based on my knowledge and experience and based on vets advises and believes, puppies must be quarantined until they are 16 weeks of age before exposed to outdoors.  Quarantine means to keep your puppy away from other dogs and puppies that may have not been vaccinated, to keep your puppy away from people unwashed hands, clothes, shoes that may carry viruses and bacteria and to keep your puppy away from an area that is infested with human and dogs's waste basically please treat your puppy the way you treat your infant. 

 Every week, i have countless discussions with a new family about the importance of quarantining a Puppy.  Before the 16 weeks of age, Puppy's  immune system isn't developed yet therefore, they are highly vulnerable to catch bacteria and viruses found on human's  hands, cloths, and skin.  Some viruses can make puppies seriously sick or can be the reason for their fast death like the Parvo killing Virus.   

There are more than 5 main sicknesses can be transmitted from humans to puppies :

1) Flu virus... Unfortunately, the transmission of human's flu virus to puppy's system can be fatal.  It may lead a puppy to suffer or die as a result of Pneumonia.

2) Mumps... It's a salivary glands virus can be transmitted to puppies.  In puppies is called Parotiditis.

3) Tuberculosis... It's a rare disease can be transmitted from human to a puppy. 

4) Giardia parasites...  It's microscopical parasites live in human and animals large intestinal.  When the unwashed hands carry this parasites it will be transmitted to puppy's intestinal through (oral transmission). 

5) Parvo Virus... it's a deadly virus.  This virus can be transmitted to a puppy when gets in contact with it through another infected dog/puppy or by humans' hands and cloths. 

6) Kennel cough... Its a tiny microscopical virus can land on your cloths and hair when you are around dogs that carry this virus.  This virus can be transmitted by inhalation of aerosols so as soon as this tiny virus lands in a puppy kennel, the pup will start coughing its heart out constantly.  Its a disturbing cough for both the puppy and its owner.                

How to purchase a puppy?

We do not allow anyone to visit or step into our facility to keep our dogs/puppies healthy, We provide clear pictures and full info about each puppy through this website therefore, we will meet with you out of our facility to purchase your puppy. Purchaser must specify which puppy he/she is interested to purchase.  Moving puppies from their kennel several times a day to show them will cause them to become extremely stressed and sick.  We will not bring all the litter out for you to choose one of them. Purchaser will be charged $25.00 by phone and will be deducted from the sell amount when decided to purchase the puppy and will not be refunded when decided not to purchase the puppy.  Remember that you are purchasing a puppy not an item.  Sorry to say, If this policy does not suit you then please purchase your puppy from elsewhere.  Dean is not like some other breeders who cares only about money......my puppies' safty is above every goal.  Thanks for understanding.      


                                                                                                                                         sell agreement

                                                                                                                              Dean's Small breed dog's Kennel

                                                                                                                                     Cell Phone (502) 855 0323

Purchaser first name___________________________________________    Last name ___________________________________  phone number ______________________________________________

Specie type _______________________________ Specie gender ___________________ Specie breed ______________________________ Specie D.O.B _________________________________________

Specie weight at the age of ___________________________________________ Specie color __________________________________ Specie marking _________________________________________

Specie full price + tax  $_________________________Deposit paid $__________________ Ballance Paid cash ____________________ Ballance paid credit______________________________

1) You must be 18-years-old or older to purchase our puppies.

2) A copy of the purchaser's ID is required by the Animal metro to keep in our files when purchasing a puppy.  A Video recording will be taking for said pet before moving it out of its kennel/cage and after handling it to the new owner to show the condition of said pet before leaving with its new owner.     

3) Purchaser will be provided with copy of the sell agreement, copy of said pet background info and its medical record explains all vaccination, worming and other treatment received. 

4) Purchaser must have enough knowledge about how to care for said pet and how to keep it healthy, We are not responsible to educate purchasers how to do so. However, we will provide the purchaser with printed basic information and through our website Deanspuppies.com explains how to care for your new said pet to keep it healthy.

5) A boarding fee of $ ___________________per day will be charged if the buyer didn't pick up said pet at the sell day.  The maximum boarding days is seven days.  If purchaser didn't pickup said pet during the first seven days from this agreement date and time, the boarding fee is_________________________per day. During the boarding days, if said pet is not available due to death, buyer options is to either collect the full sell price or exchange said pet with another of our choice.  (boarding fee is not refundable for any reason and any circumstances).  

If said pet becomes sick for any reason and any circumstances during the boarding days "No fault", only the buyer is responsible for all vet bills.   

6)  Purchaser must have said pet examined by a licensed vet during the first 72 hours from this agreement date and time, at the purchaser's sole cost.  

7) If said pet dies during the first 72 hours from this agreement date and time, the seller agrees to either refund the full sell price or exchange said pet with another of the seller choice, but in this case, purchaser must provide the seller with a vet written document explains that the reason for death wasn't caused by Neglecting, starvation, hypoglycemia, dehydration or and physical abuse to said pet.  No refund or exchange If the purchaser fail to provide the requested vet document to the seller during the first 120 hours from this agreement date and time.  

8) If said pet found by a licensed vet during the first 72 hours from this agreement date and time to suffer as a result of incurable disease We agree to either refund the full sell price to the purchaser or exchange said pet with another of our choice.  In this case, purchaser must provide the seller with a vet written document to prove that said pet condition is incurable.  No refund or exchange If purchaser fail to provide the requested document to the seller during the first 72 hours from this agreement date and time.         

9) purchaser must not change the puppy's diet before consulting a vet. Sudden change of diet may cause digestive complications, vomiting, Diarrhea and perhaps a bloody stool and dehydration that may lead to serious sickness or may be death.

10) No refund for any vet bills or any out of pocket expenses for any reason and any circumstances. 

11) No refund or exchange if the purchaser or any of his/her family members found to be allergic to said pet or found not to get along with it.

12) Puppy's features may change during the growing period especially, color and size.  All small breeds like the Pomeranian carry the original recessive genes that make some or all of the puppies size either smaller or larger than their parents size when become full grown therefore, We don't guarantee said pet weight, size and color and we don't guarantee its back ground genes. 

I the purchaser acknowledge that i spent enough time watching said pet activity before i decided to purchase it and it appeared healthy, active, and i didn't notice any sign of limping or off balance.

I the purchaser acknowledge that i read carefully this sell agreement and I acknowledge that i understood all the terms and conditions. I acknowledge that the seller explained to me this agreement terms and conditions before i signed it.

I acknowledge that i'm fully aware before i signed this agreements. 

Purchaser Signature _________________________________________________________               Date             /            /                        Time ______________:_________________