Dean believes in donation. He donates one of his own designed puppies (only) one time every 3 months cycle (only) to someone who is truly in a much need to have a companion, but can not afford to purchase one.  If you believe you are one of those people, feel free to share your story either by email or by phone text message. No worry, we do not ignore anyone, We will reply during the day we receive your email.    

How to apply for a free puppy:

1) Speak your heart, we do not have judgmental.

2) You must prove that you either have no income or have low income, unable to purchase one of Dean's cute puppies. 

3) You must prove that you or any of your family members is capable to take care of your new friend. 

4) You must prove that you are capable to provide a healthy residence to your new beloved. 

5) If you get to win the free puppy, We will publish your story through this site page, but we will not publish your name without your permission.

6) Sharing your story with us doesn't mean you will get to have the free puppy and we will not publish your story.  We will choose the person, we           believe he/she is in a much need to have it before you.  We must be fair. 

We wish you the best of luck :)   

(1) First Cycle started on Jan/1/2017- March/31/2017. 

The free puppy was adopted by Miss (anonymous).  She was selected among 34 stories.   Her story copy and paste as follow:

      Hi Dean, my name is (XXX).  I lost both of my parents in one year when i was 14 years old. I was raised by my

Grandmother who gave me all the love i needed, but sadly i lost her when i became 18 years old.  My Grandmother

was the last of my family members and i have no one around me except a few friends that i see in school and at work.

I live by my self in my Grandmother small home and i do not have to pay mortgage or rent so thanks to my Grand mother.

I do not feel comfortable and i do not need to share the house with anyone, i can afford to pay the water, electric and

my phone bill without a help from anyone (Just being honest). 

I feel alone most of the time while am at home so i kill my time by doing my school home work and look at my

parents, Grandma and family members' pictures.   I miss them all, i really do. 

My dream is to have a cute small dog to be my best friend, to lick my face in the morning and to welcome me when

i return from school and work.  I really need a friend Dean who i can trust while am at home.  If i don't get the

chance to have one of your free puppies, either or, i appreciate your offer and kindness. Not too many people will do that. 

Thank you  


(2) Second Cycle started on April/1/2017 - June/30/2017......  

Adopted by Mr. Brandon a retired police officer who was shot 11 times by someone who was on his way to kill 2 people.

His story will be copy and paste and posted soon.  


Free puppy