How to purchase Dean's puppies

1) Please, You must read this page and the Policy- sell agreement page before you contact us. 

2) We take cash only + Tax " Dean is a license breeder". 

3) We provide 100% accurate and honest info related to each puppy and we provide clear images for each puppy to help you choose the puppy that is into your liking therefore, You must read all info related to each puppy posted in its page and decide which puppy you would like to purchase.

Important info:

On one hand, some of the best things about pet ownership involve sharing, we share our love and affection. On the other hand, unfortunately, there are at least 5 sicknesses can be transmitted from human to a puppy:

* Mumps * Ringworm * Salmonella * Giardia Parasites * Parvo and more............. Therefore,  we do not allow anyone to step into our facility and we do not allow touching/ handling any of the puppies before purchasing it ( We do not have a petting Zoo).  It's your choice to either purchase from us a 100% healthy, cute and happy puppy or perhaps a sick one from some other breeders who allow their puppies to be handled by many hands and lick many sweaty faces.  For more info related to the risk of handling a puppy, please ask your vet of choice.  Thanks for understanding :) 

So what you need to do to purchase one of Dean's puppies : 

1)  Choose the puppy you wish to purchase, get your cash money including the tax ready in hand.

2) Call Dean at 502 -855- 0323 to set the sell day and time to see your puppy.

3) Over the phone or as soon as you arrive, You will be charged a $25.00 deposit before we show you the puppy.  After we collect the $25.00 deposit, we will show you the puppy you chose to purchase and your $25.00 will be refunded only if you decided to buy but will not be refunded if you decided not to purchase said puppy for any reason (Our time is valuable).   

A copy or screen shot of your ID must be sent by phone text before we provide you with our address also, it's required by the animal metro to keep in our file every time we sell a puppy. Remember that you are willing to purchase a puppy from a professional licensed breeder not from someone you will meet with in Walmart parking lot :)

We do not take deposit for weaned or unweaned puppy, We do not hold puppies for later on sell and we do not puppy sit after the sell. 

I'm sorry to say:

Any breeder who takes deposit to hold un-weaned puppy that yet did not open its eyes is nothing but money hungry.  Purchaser, Please hold on, wait, relax and set tight and do not let any breeder fool you, please do not wire your money to a scam.  

Dean is a local educated breeder, gained the most trust and respect from vets who are familiar with his puppies and from all authorities in the state of Ky. 

 We wish you the best of luck. 

Thanks for visiting Dean's website.