Pomi-bear information

                              100% Hypoallergenic 

What is Pomibear? 

Pomi-bear is a new breed designed in Louisville, KY U.S.A by Dean.K in 2015.  

This breed is a result of cross breeding two of the kindness, gentlest,

 loyalist and most intelligent dogs.  

The mother is Teddybear and the Dad is Miniature Pomeranian.

The other way around will give the same result.  Basically, Pomibear is a

combination of, (25% Bichon frise + 25% Shih Tzu) = Teddybear +

 (50% Miniature Pomeranian) = Pomibear. 

Why Dean decided to cross breed the Teddybear with the Miniature Pomeranian?

Dean specializes in breeding only small, fluffy, cute, and mostly hypoallergenic

 dogs.  His favorite small dog is the teddy bear and he adores the Miniature

Pomeranian therefore, he is familiar with both breeds mental, physical and

 personality.  After the first litter arrived in 2015, vets were amazed and the

new owners still satisfied until this day. 

The only side that Dean doesn't like about a Pomeranian, it's a shedding dog "Not Hypoallergenic" and for this reason he decided to design a none shedding puppy but at the same time to be similar to the Dull face miniature Pomeranian.  Dean's first experiment was successful and he continues breeding this bloodline until this day. 

The following is comparison between the Teddy bear, Miniature Pomeranian, & Pomibear:

1) Behavior  

Teddybear is extremely devoted super companion dog which makes it the most loving and loyal dog in the world.

Pomeranian is friendly, playful and lively but may be aggressive to other dogs and try to prove themselves only if

not socialized at an early age.  

Pomibear is companion, loving, super Loyal and mentally maturer than the Teddybear and Pomeranian to the point it has respect and better understand to smaller and younger dogs than them.  Pomibear shows no aggression toward smaller and younger dogs when eat from its food dish or take its toy.    

2) Protection

Teddybear is instinctively protective and have never showed any aggression or violence to its owner or to a family member, it doesn't bark at stranger humans or stranger dogs out of its territory unless otherwise it feels a threat is coming toward it or toward any of the family members.  

Pomeranian is somewhat defensive of its territory and may bark when it encounter outside noises. 

Pomibrear is protective as the Teddy bear and may be bolder.  What special about this new breed is that its sense of hearing has no limits. Pomibears puppies start hearing outside sounds and bark at the age of 5-weeks-old before even the other adult breeds hear it "unbelievable" !!!!!!!!       

3) Health

Teddybear not reported yet to have any genetic health issues.

Pomeranian can develop some health issues only if they lack attention to grooming and teeth-ears-eyes cleaning.  With routine care, these issues can be avoided.

Pomibear... All vets that are familiar with this new breed yet didn't report any health issues.  

4) Hair and Dandarff

Teddy bear is hypoallergenic.  

Pomeranian is not hypoallergenic.

Pomibear is hypoallergenic.  

5) Brain capacity 

Teddybear is highly intelligent.  Capable to learn in one day what the other breeds learn in one week.  

Pomeranian is intelligent dog, respond well to training and can be successful in getting things from their owners. 

Pomibear is highly intelligent just like the Teddy bear.

All types of puppies born to be loving, kind and loyal.  It's us who make them the other way around.

You have to give to take.  Love your puppy, feed it good quality diet, interact with it as much as you can, spoil it and be firm at the same time it will become the best dog.

"And There is No creature on the earth or bird that flies with its wings they are communities like you.  We have not neglected in the register/ Quran/Bible a thing ...(God said)"