Teddybear information 

What is Teddybear dogs? 

 It's a new designed breed known as a Teddybear or Zuchon pronounced (Zoo-shon) and Dean gave them

a new name (The Lion heart).  This unique breed is a cross breed between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu. 

You may hear of several types of Teddy bear breed and you may get confused to which breed refer to the

Teddybear name!!!! Well, since i'm one of the breeders who designed this new line, i believe that the Teddy bear

name is only the result of mixing the Bichon Frise and the Shih tzu not any other mix because the result of this

mix and the Teddy bear name was giving to this breed only in 1990 for the first time before was giving to any other breed.  

I'm specialized in designing the Teddybear puppies and a few others.  Based on my experience and experiments to design 

cutest Teddybear face, great quality hair, and highly intelligent brain, i recommend breeding the female Shih Tzu 

to the male Bichon Frise not the other way around to get the smallest Teddybear and the round cute Muzzle.   

What goodies about the Teddy bear? 
1) This breed is hypoallergenic.  It means if you are allergic to dogs then you shouldn't have to worry any more when you are around The Teddy bear.
2) This breed is extremely devoted super companion dog which makes it the most loyal and loving dog in the world.
3) This breed is instinctively protective when feeling threat toward you and toward any of your family members. I gave them a new name which is The Lion heart dog                         because i noticed that they have no fear from no one or from any other dogs that may cause threat to a family members.
4) This breed didn't show aggression, or any violence toward any of the family members or any peaceful stranger since the day was designed in 1990 because it's super loyal and most intelligent small breed dog in the world. 

Who said they are hard to potty train? 

Wooooow, absolutely someone doesn't know that Sugar dissolves in water.  Please read my way of how to potty train a puppy within 24 hours category located in this site to find out how can i potty train any puppy within 24 hours.  Your puppy will never urinate or leave waste indoors and this is a 100% fact if you follow the exact steps well :)  try it to believe it.