Info about TeddyPoo

TeddyPoo is a new breed designed by Dean in Louisville KY USA in 2016.  This breed is a

combination of  the most two hypoallergenic dogs known in the world which are Toy

Teddybear and Toy Poodle.  In a simple way, the total back ground genes for this breed is

calculated as follow:

(25% Bichon Frise + 25% Imperial shihTzu= Teddybear ) + (50% Toy Poodle) = TeddyPoo.

Dean is specialized in cross breeding small dogs to design puppies with the cutest face, greater

personality, high intelligent brain and Hypoallergenic dogs. 

On one hand Dean believes that some small hybrid dogs are physically stronger and mentally

smarter than some full blooded dogs. These days, Most pure dogs like chihuahuas, Yorkies

and more are so vulnerable to have sudden hypoglycemia, weak and thin bones, kidney disease

etc.................  These days problems are what makes vets become richer however, hybrid dogs

like Teddybears, Morkies, Shorkies, Pomibear, Teddypoo, Shihpoo and more proved them selves

as far as health and mental. 

On the other hand, Not all small hybrid dogs are healthy and not all pure small dogs are unhealthy. 

There are rules, conditions and genes that the breeder must understand and have enough knowledge in which breeds can be crossable For exaple:  In 2014 my first unsuccessful experiment was the reason to encourage me study most small dogs' genes and lead me to the right path. My unintentional mistake was when I crossed breed the Shihtzu with Papillon dogs hoping to get puppies with the cutest face and best hair quality hmmmmmmmm the result was truly not beneficial at all.

I will continue designing a new breed and soon you will see my new breed the TeddyTese. hash hashhh do't tell no body :)

Hoping you will like my new breed TeddyPoooooooo :) 

I wish you all find your best companion.