1) Who is the breeder? 

Dean the owner of this website.

2) How old are the Puppies? 

Born on Feb/13/2018

3) Parents Info...

Dad is White Toy maltese and he weighs 6 Lb

Mom is White Teddybear and she weighs 7 Lb

4) How many pound the puppies will get when become full grown?

Please read the parents info.

5) What treatments these puppies have already received?

* vaccination...

Received the first 5 way shot on April-2-2018. Due for a second shot on April-23-2018.  Due for a third shot on May-14-2018. Due for last shot on Jun-4-2018

* Worming and parasite prevention...

A- Wormed 3 times with Pyrantel Pamoat Liquid. Two weeks a part between each dosage. first dosage provided at the age of 2-weeks-old. 

B- Received one dosage each for 7 days in a row a combination of Metronidazole and Fenbendazole to prevent Giardia Parasites.

C- Received one dosage of Toltrazoril 5% to prevent Coccidia Parasite.

D- Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear's Mites.

E- Nails clipped, bathed, hair around vent area is trimmed to prevent vent's skin rashes.  

6) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please read our sell agreement.

7) How to purchase?

Please you must read the page (How to purchase one of Deans puppies before you contact us. 

Note: We do not provide any medical assistance after the sell... Your Puppy must be treated only by your vet of choice, Do not give your puppy shots/worming or have anyone do so that can lead your puppy to a fast death.  


It's a new breed designed By Dean the owner of this website in 2018.

Malti-Bear is a combination of Teddybear and Maltese which makes this breed physically strong, alert, smart, 100% Hypoallergenic and Therapy dog. 

The total combination of this breed is:

(25% Bichon Frise+Shihtzu=Teddybear) x (Maltese)= Malti-bear