Toy Morkie Puppies for sale

​Sorry all Morkie puppies are already sold

1) Who is the breeder?

Dean the owner of this website.

2) How old are the puppies?

D.O.D Sep/26/2017

3) How many are available? 

Brown male .... Price $ 600.00...Sold

Brown male .... Price $ 600.00...Sold

Brown female..Price  $ 650.00.. Sold

Black female... Price $ 650.00... Sold

4) What breed is their Mom?

She is Toy Maltese, she weighs 6 Lb

5) What breed is their Dad?

He is a Teacup Yorkie, he weighs 3 Lb & 8.0z 

6) How big the puppies will get when become full grown?

Please see The mom and dad weight. 

7) what treatment the puppies received? 

vaccination... ...

* Received first baby shot (5 way shot) on Nov/14/2017 and due for a second shot ​on Dec/5/2017

Worming... .... 

* wormed 3 times with Pyrantel pamoat starting the age of 2-weeks-old

* Received a combination of Fenbendazole and metronidazole 5 days in a row to prevent and immune them against Giardia parasite.

* Received 2 dosage of Toltrazoril 5% 2 weeks apart to prevent and immune them against coccidia parasites. recommended dosage is 0.04 ml for each 2.2 Lb of a body weight. 

* Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear mites.

No need for any other treatment before the second shot that is due on Dec/5/2017

Note... Please have your puppy checked by a vet of your choice as soon as its purchased, please copy this medical record to show to your vet at the first visit and please read our sell agreement.  

​Dean wishes you the best of luck   :)