1) Who is the breeder?

Dean is the breeder (The owner of this site). 

2) Method of payment?

We take the full amount in cash only. No Credit card & No check.No exception.

3) Price?

Each puppy's price is posted on its Picture.​​

​4) How old are these puppies?

Born on Aug/14/2018 

5) What is the weight of each puppy now?

As of today Dec-12-2018 .....

Male#1, female #1 and female #2 weighs now 4 lb. Expected weight when becomes full grown is 7 Lb.

​Female #3 weighs now 3 lb expected weight when becomes full grown is 6 Lb.  

6)  Their Dad is Black colored Miniature Pomeranian, he weighs 5 lb

7) Their Mom is Brown colored Miniature Pomeranian, she weighs 7 lb 

8) What treatments they received ? 


Received all 4 baby shots ( 5 way shots). Last shot received on Nov-27-18

Worming and parasites prevention........

* Wormed 6 times with Pyrantel pamoat every 2 weeks starting the age of 2 - weeks- old.

* At the age of 6-weeks-old received 5 dosage a combination of Fenbendazole and metronidazole to prevent Giardia parasites 5 days in a row.

* At the age of 6- weeks- old received 1 dose of Toltrazoril 5% to prevent Coccidia parasites.

* Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear mites.

* Nails clipped, bathed and smell nice.

 For more details, Please view the immunization page located in this site to see what treatment we provide our puppies with.  

9) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please view our sell agreement located in this site


Dean wishes you the best of luck.

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