Pomi-bear puppies for sale

                 100% Hypoallergenic 

         All puppies price + tax cash only, No plastic cards

                     Free... puppy's kit for each puppy

( Free food, leash, collar, food and water dish, Toys, Treats and more

  1) What is the Pomibear ? 

It's a new hypoallergenic breed designed by the breeder Dean in 2015. For more info about this new breed, Please click on Information about our puppies page located in this site.  


2) How old are they?

D.O.B Boys June/8/2017 Girls May/26/17

3) What breed is their dad and how many Lb he weighs?

Their Dad is miniature Pomeranian and he weighs 6 Lb

4) What breed is their Mom and how many Lb she weighs?

Their Mom is Teddy bear and she weighs 7Lb

5) How big these puppies will get when become full grown?

Either the mom or the dad size or in between

6) What treatment they received? 

Received first baby shot (5 way shot), wormed 3 times, received parasites prevention, ears cleaned and vaccinated, nails clipped, bathed and smell good. For more details, Please view the puppy's immunization, vaccination, and worming

 page located in this site. Purchasers will be provided with each puppy's medical record.   

7) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please read our Policy and sell agreement located in this site.

Dean wishes you the best of luck :)