Puppy potty training 

         Training a puppy to use outdoors bathroom is much easier than what many people think.  A puppy should do his

business only in one spot located in the backyard and not to consider the whole backyard is its bathroom.

Puppy training pad... ... No No No

Using puppy training pads indoor means, you are sending a signal to your puppy's brain allowing him/her to urine and

leave waste on any item higher than the room floor and carpet level.  On the one hand, If your blanket, pillow, jacket, or shirt

 fall onto the floor, don't be mad at your pup when you find  his/her waste on them and  keep in mind, this will continue

to happens several times daily to the rest of your puppy' life.  On the other hand, If you can handle finding your puppy's

waste daily on your belonging and if you are able to change pads with a big smile on your face without whining about it

then go for it, you are a hero :) Are you !!!!!!!!    

In my opinion, Puppy pads should be used only for the  following two reasons:

1) puppy pads Should be used by people that have no choice but to use them like an elder people or handicap or anyone

that is unable to walk a puppy/dog outdoors rather than that, i consider it waste of time, waste of energy, and waste of

money also it's disgusting to the owners and their puppies.

2) puppy pads Should be used by people who live in apartment when they don't feel safe to place their new puppy on

outdoors ground where many other puppies and dogs leave their waste knowing that a stranger puppy/dog's  waste may

carry a killing viruses like the Parvo virus or parasites like Giardia and Coccidia that can make a puppy extremely sick or 

may be the reason for its fast death.

​How to potty train my puppy if i live in apartment or in a home without backyard fencing?   

If you live in apartment or in a house without backyard fencing and you don't want to potty train your puppy indoors, you

must find a clean spot around the apartment building or a clean spot in your home backyard before you purchase a puppy

unless, your puppy is older than 16-weeks-old and had all its baby shots however, still risky because when placing a puppy on a ground that has a daily waste traffic will increase the number of parasites and viruses and will result to increase the chance of getting  your puppy/dog sick regardless, if he/she received all its shots or yet didn't receive them all.  

Find or create waste free clean spot to place your beloved on it to do its business.  It's best to spray it with a mixture of one part bleach added to 15 part water to kill the Parvo virus if found "Be safe than sorry "  

Did you know that the Parvo virus can live up to 7 years in dirt under any temperature? 

Did you know that Bleach may not kill Coccidia but Ammonia does ?

How to potty train my puppy if i live in a home with fenced in backyard?

Living in a home with fenced in backyard is more fun and blessing to you and to your puppy also, it's viruses risk free.

With a few steps you will be able to potty train your puppy within 24-48 hours just make sure not to use a leash on your puppy before reaches the age of 16 weeks old.


Choose one spot located in any corner of your home backyard to be your puppy always bathroom.  Your puppy will learn to use only this spot through its life. It's best to use four pieces of wood size 2" x 4" x 4 feet to create a shape of squared box so your puppy will know the limit of its bathroom border.  


Place your puppy on the floor nearby the inside of your home back door that leads to the backyard before stepping out.  Pet him firmly then speak to him with excitement and say let us go potty and then give him one slice of cooked Turkey that you use to make your Turkey sandwich or one slice of boiled chicken not bigger than half the size of your Thumb . The reason why i use this step is because i want each puppy i train to recognize the location of the home backdoor and to make him understand it's the only door will lead him to his bathroom.  The yummy yummy treat works as a big motivation to make all the puppys' senses stand for learning  just like a kid and Candy. 


Carry your puppy (No leash yet), open the backdoor, and walk toward his bathroom.  Place him on the ground "inside the boxed in area you created", pet him firmly, speak to him with excitement and say go potty, and give him the same kind and size yummy treat again and then wait for him to do his business.  


As soon as he is completely done doing his business, pet him firmly, tell him how good he is and give him the last third treat.  Carry your pup to inside the home, place him on the floor and tell him how good he was but Do NOT GIVE HIM ANOTHER TREAT.  Never give your puppy any type of treats inside or outside the home just because you felt like to do so or because he learned how to set and stay etc............. The only time you give him a treat while he still inside the home is when you are about to take him out to potty when he is near by the inside of the back door "see step#2".

When providing your puppy with too much treats will cause him not to eat his regular food as normal, will loose interest in potty learning, and you will mess up all the steps you used above to get him/her clean.  


To have a successful training result, you must take your puppy to do his business every 2 hours during the first 24-48 hours. Do not mess any round because puppies can not hold their urine longer than 2 hours.

Please do not get mad at your puppy when having indoor accident, remember, it's just a puppy and shit happened ..... am i right? .... :)

Good luck to you all