​​Imperial shihtzu are a smaller shihtzu than the standard shihtzu and they are considered a 100% hypoallergenic Toy breed.

1) Who is the breeder?

Dean the owner of this website. please see contact info located in the home page.

2) How old are these puppies?

 Born on Feb-27-2018

3) What is their mom and what is her weight? 

Mom is a black Toy shihtzu  and she weighs 4 Lb

4) What is their did and what is his weight? 

Dad is black Imperial shihtzu and he weighs 4 Lb

5) What is the expected weight when puppies become full grown?

Please look the parents size.

6) What treatment they received?


* Received First puppy 5 way shot on april-13-18.  Due for a second shot on May-4-18, Due for the third shot on May-25-18. Due for the last puppy shot on June-16-18.


* Received 3 dosage of Pyrantel Pamoat liquid wormer 2 weeks a part starting the 

age of 2 weeks old.

* Received 5 days treatment a combination of Fenbendazol and metronidazol To prevent Giardia parasite starting the age of 5 weeks old.

* Received 1 dosage of Toltrazoril 5% to prevent Coccidia parasite at the age of 6-weeks-old. 

* Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear mites.

* Nails clipped, bathed and smell good :)

Please have your puppy checked by a vet of your choice as soon as its purchased.

7) What guarantee/warranty we provide with each puppy?

Please read our sell agreement. 

Dean wishes you a good luck. 


 Tiny/ Imperial shihtzu Puppies for sale

Sorry all are sold.. A new litters will be ready for sale on March-8-2018