1) Who is the breeder?

Dean the owner of this site.

2) How many puppies available and what is their price?

One male sable color...... $750.00 Sold

One male Brown color...  $750.00 Sold

One female black color ...$900.00 Sold

One female sable color ...$900.00 Sold

3) How old are the puppies?

D.O.B March/22/2017

4) What breed is their Mom and how many pound she weighs?

Mom is sable Imperial (Toy) ShihTzu and she weighs 7 Lb  

5) What breed is their Dad and how many pound he weighs? 

Dad is White Bichon Frise and he weighs 9 Lb

6) How many pound the puppies will get when become full grown?

Either the Mom or the dad weight or in between or.... God knows:)

7) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please read our sell agreement located in this site.

8) What treatment our puppies have received ? 

​Please read the Immunization, worming and vaccination category

located in this site. 


Teddy bear Puppies available now for adoption


                                   Teddybear puppies

                          100% Hypoallergenic 

         Cash only + tax (No check No plastic card)