Teddy-Poo Puppies for sale

Teddy-Poo is a new breed designed by Dean in 2017 and it's a combination of Toy Teddybear and Toy poodle making this small breed extremely hypoallergenic and none shedding at all. Also, has a very cute- innocent face, silky hair and intelligent brain.

This breed has the advantage (Laid-back) therefore, it's a great breed for older people and those who can't handle hyper dogs. Is that you !!!!!!!?   

1) Breeder name?

Dean the owner of this website.

2)  How old are the Puppies?

Born on Jan/26/2017

3) What breed is their Mom and how many Lb she weighs?

She is a Toy Teddybear and she weighs 7 Lb

4) What breed is their Dad and how many Lb he weighs? 

He is a Toy Poodle and he weighs 5 Lb

5) How many Lb these puppies will get when become full grown?

Please see Their parents weight.  

6) What is their weight now?

Average weight is 1 Lb & 6.oz

7) What guarantee we provide for each puppy?

Please read our Policy and the sell agreement. 

8) What treatment they received? 


Received first puppy shot (5 way shot) on Jan/14/2018.

Due for a second shot on April-4-18.

Due for a third shot on April-25-18.

Due for the last shot on May-16-18. 

After the sell, all due shots must be scheduled and provided by a vet of your choice.  We do not provide any medical assistance after the sell.

Worming and parasite prevention......

* Wormed with Pyrantel Pamoat liquid at the age of 2,4,and 6 - weeks- old.

Must continue the worming at the age of 8, 10, and 12- weeks- old and every 3 to 6 months depends on your vet recommendation.  

* Provided with a combination of Fenbendazole and Metronadazole to prevent Giardia Parasites 6 days in a row starts at the age of 6-weeks-old.

* Provided with one dosage of Toltrazoril 5% liquid to prevent Coccidia parasites (0.04 ml for each 2.2lb of body weight).

* Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear mites.

* Nails clipped, bathed and they smell good :)

* Hair around the vent area is clipped to keep it clean.  

No other treatment received than all mentioned above.  

To avoid unnecessary treatments and cost, you must share this info with your vet during the first visit. It's your responsibility to print out this info before or after you purchase your puppy to be shared with your vet. These puppies have received every treatments they need therefore, your vet should charge you only a few $$$$ for a first time visit checkup.  

Dean wishes you the best of luck :)