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​​​​​1) Who is the breeder?

Dean the owner of this site.

​2) How old are the puppies?

Born on March-22-22

3) Price....

Each puppy's price is posted on its picture. 

4) parents info....

Mom is Bichon Frise weighs 7 Lb

Dad is Imperial Shihtzu weighs 6 Lb

5) What is the puppies' weight at the age of 6 weeks old as pictured?

Average  puppies weight now is  1 to 1.5 Lb

6) How many pound the puppies will get when become full grown?

 Please read the parents' size info.  God only knows.  

7) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please, read our sell agreement located in this site. 

8) What treatment these puppies have received ?

a- Vaccination... 

* Received the first shot on May-3-22  

* Due for a 2nd shot on, ask your vet.

* Due for a third shot on, ask your vet.

* Due for the last shot on, as your vet.

b- Worming and parasite prevention...,

* Wormed 3 times with Pyrantel Pamoat liquid at the age 2,4 and 6-w.old

* Received 5 dosage within 5 days a combination of Fenbendazole and metronidazole liquid to prevent Giardia  parasite first dosage starts at the age of 5-weeks-old.   

* Received one dosage of Toltrazoril 5% to prevent coccidia, provided at the age of 5-weeks-old (0.04 ml for each 2.2lb of a body weight).

* Ears cleaned and vaccinated to prevent ear mites.

* Trimmed hair around vent area to prevent vent's rashes.

* Bathed, nails clipped and they smell good :)

Note... ... 

* All pups will receive their needed vaccin by the breeder Dean before the sell. 

* Each pup must receive the due shots and worming by a vet only after the sell.

* We do not provide any medical assistance after the sell.

* To avoid duplicate/unnecessary medical treatments and expenses $$$ please printout or screenshot this page or have your vet view it before providing your puppy with any treatments. 

* We do not provide this page on papers.

​We wish you and your new beloved the best of luck.  

Teddybear puppies for adoption

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