Puppies immunization, vaccination, and worming

                           A healthy brain is in a healthy body



         The following information is based on my experience and experiments throughout the years of breeding small dogs.  It's all about how to develop cute and healthy puppies.... .

First let us talk about hybrid Dogs:

I strongly believe in hybrid dogs.  Hybrid means, a mix of two pure breed or mixing pure breeding to a mixed or

breeding 2 mixed dogs as long as they share similar features like the size, hair type-quality,  etc....... to develop

cute, smart, and fluffy new designed puppies Like The Teddy bear and Pomibear.


In most cases, hybrid puppies will be guarded from developing weak bones, weak vision, weak hearing, and weak

immune system therefore, hybrid dogs overall are physically stronger than most pure dogs, smarter, and perhaps

they live longer like Yorkie-poo, Malti-poo, Pomi-bear, Morkie, Shorkie, Teddy bear and others.  

How to come up with healthy puppies?

 Feeding, vaccination, worming and others treatments........... . 

1)  Feeding: A high quality food is number one reason to help the mother produces healthy puppies.  A Grain free dog's food that contains

most minerals, most vitamins, and most essential and none essential amino acids needed will develop a strong immune system for both

the mother and her babies also feeding dark leafy greens and fruit like Apple and tomatoes will help improve their immunity and

digestive system. If you are willing to spend money to purchase a puppy then please don't feed it junk food to save a few dollars.    

2) General care: All breeders must learn about the Dam proper care before and after whelping and the proper care for her new

arrived babies starting from day one until they are moved to a new homes.  Breeders must learn about all types of vaccinations needed

for both the mother and her young's also, the worming schedule, Parasite prevention and treatments, Ears cleaning and vaccination

and all other treatments needed.

 3) Advice: If  breeders follow at least my treatments schedule mentioned below and use the types of medications and vaccination

 i use to keep the Mom and her pups healthy, i believe, neither the purchasers nor their puppies  will suffer also, vets will not be making

as much money as they are making these days from numerous clients waiting in their clinics to have their sick puppies

 checked when purchased recently from an idiot or novice or careless or/and heartless breeders or from a puppies' flippers who doesn't

give a damn about you or about the puppies and can't even remember from which breeder your puppy came from!!!!! 

4) Yes i'm a breeder, but not one of those uneducated breeders who own bunch of males and females dogs all are jumping on each others all year round to produce

unhealthy puppies sold for cheap price to an innocent buyers who can't afford to buy a special designed expensive puppy or doesn't want to spend high $$$$$.  Suddenly, after buying a puppy from a novice breeder it becomes extremely sick and in this case the buyer has to either pay a vet hundreds of $$$$ to save its life or may just dump the puppy somewhere to be hit by a car or picked up by someone or may land in one of the shelters to be euthanize after a few weeks if no one is interested to purchase it :(  

Well, No matter how much you pay for a puppy, I believe, soul is a soul and doesn't deserve to suffer because of an ignorant, money hungry, and uneducated breeder therefore, no matter where you buy a puppy/dog from, make sure it received all the treatments mentioned below, even if you purchased it from a vet or from a shelter claiming that every sole they have in their kennels is healthy and vet checked !!!!!!!!!! Are they really? Hmmmmm

Anyways, the following is my full basic treatments schedule from A to Z  hoping each breeder will take it in consideration to be successful.   

                                                                                    Treatments, worming, and vaccination schedule........      

1) The Mother must received all her baby shots (5 way shots) when she was a puppy to pass an important maternal antibodies to her puppies during the nursing weeks and must be up to date with all her other adult vaccinations rather than that, some of the pups if not all will breakdown with some viruses before or after they are weaned especially, after receiving their first vaccination shot that may lead them to become seriously sick or may die.  If you are a breeder, then keep in mind (the mother can't give what she didn't have).

2) The mother must be wormed prior to mating and then at the 5 and 8 weeks gestation. Use only good quality wormer that is safe for pregnant bitches.  

3) The Mother must be vaccinated with five way shot only during the 24 hours after giving birth to be able to pass the vaccination to her pups during nursing them during the first 24 hours.  Her pups will not benefit only from the new shot after the 24 hours because i believe her immune system will shutdown however, she will immune them from her im.  to insure supplying her puppies with the five modified viruses in case she didn't receive those live modified viruses when she was a puppy. (Be safe than sorry). 

4) Puppies must not receive any direct vaccination shots or parasite prevention/ treatment before they reach 6-weeks-old but must be wormed with "Pyrantel Pamote wormer" at the ages of 2, 4,6, 8,10-and 12- weeks- old then every 3 to 6 month throughout their life depending on the environment.  The mother must be wormed too every time you worm the puppies during nursing.

5) At the age of 6 -weeks- old all pups including their mother must be treated with a combination of Metronidazole and Fenbendazole 5 days in a row.  Metronidazole is a strong antibiotic used to prevents or/and treats Giardia parasites, Oral and dental infection and all other bacterial infections that cause diarrhea or sepsis.  Fenbendazole is antibiotic used to prevent and treat Giardia parasites too also, it's used for the treatment and control of Tapeworms, Roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Metronidazole and Fenbendazole must not be used on puppies less than 6- weeks of age.  Using only Fenbendazole without using Metronidazole may not get rid of the Giardia parasites in puppies or may not immune them also using Meronidazole without using Fenbendazole may not get rid of the Giardia Parasites or immune the puppies against it therefore, i use both medications to insure 100% immunity and No Giardia parasites appear in the puppy's system.

7) Toltrazoril 5% is the best medication used to prevent and treat Coccidia " Coccidiosis".  I provide each puppy with Toltrazoril 5% at the age of 6 and 8 - weeks- old.  Each dosage is 0.4 ml for each 2.2 lb of body weight. Mother must be treated as well depending on her exact weight.

8) Puppies must receive four baby shots total (Five way shot).  Their first baby shot (5 way shot) must be provided at the age of 6- weeks- old, Second shot at the age of 9- weeks- old, Third shot at the age of 12-weeks-old, forth shot at the age of 15-weeks-old.

Five way shot contains five live modified viruses " Canine distemper, Adenoviruse type 2-, Parainfluenza, Parvo viruse".  

9) As soon as the puppies are weaned, i bath them, clean their ears, clip their nails, clip hair around their vent area then i apply Mitex  pesticidal in their ears to prevent/treat ear mites.

10) After bath... puppy's ears must be dried to prevent ear infection.  I apply (Nitrofurazone powder) to absorb ear moist after bath.  It's also used to prevents/treats ear and eye infection in dogs and cats, surface wounds, cuts, and abrasions.

                                                               Please have your new friend checked by a vet of your choice as soon as purchased.

    If you have any plan, idea, suggestion, consideration, advice or treatments that can improve puppy's health please don't hesitate to share it with me

I'm not a Vet but due to my education and experience of breeding dogs, birds and other small Mammals i may know how to care for puppies than some vets .

                                                                                                        I wish you and your puppy the best of health :)