1) How many Yorkie puppies are available?

Five Yorkies...  sold

2) Who is the breeder? 

Dean " The owner of Dean's pet shop

3) How old are the puppies?

D.O.B Nov/1/2016

4) What breed is their mother, her weight & color?

She is Yorkie, weighs 7 lb her color is Black and Gold

5) What breed is their Dad, his weight & color?

Dad is Toy Yorkie, he weighs 5 Lb and his color is Black and Gold

6) How big the puppies will get?

Either the Dad size or the Mom size or ..... .

7) What vaccinations the puppies have received ?

Please view the Immunization category located in this site.

8) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

Please read our sell agreement located in this site. 

                 Yorkie Puppies for sale

Sorry all Yorkie pups in this page are sold, lookup the other pages for other available breeds & the new newborn puppy's coming soon page