1) How many Yorkie puppies are available?

One female and two males.

2) Who is the breeder? 

Dean " The owner of this website

3) How old are the puppies?

Born on April/1/2018

4) What breed is their mother, her weight & color?

She is a Toy Yorkie and she weighs 4 Lb, Black and Tan.

5) What breed is their Dad, his weight & color?

He is a Teacup Yorkie and he weighs 3 Lb, Black and Tan

6) How big the puppies will get when become full grown?

Please read Q# 4 &5

7) What vaccinations the puppies have received ?

Vaccinaotion.... ....

* Received their first puppy's 5 way shot on May/17/2018.

* Due for a second shot on June/7/2018.

* Due for a third shot on Jun/28/2018.

* Due for a forth shot on July/19/2018.

Worming... ....

* Received 3 dosage of Pyrantel Pamoat liquid 2 weeks a part starting the age of 2-weeks-old.

Parasite prevention... .... 

* Received 5 days treatment (Oral) a combination of Fenbendazole and metronidazole to prevent Giardia Parasites. 

* Received one dosage (Oral) of Toltrazoril 5% to prevent Coccidia.

* Ear vaccination applied to prevent ear mites.

Other treatments ... .... 

* Nails clipped, hair around the vent area is clipped, Ears cleand, bathed and smell sooooooooooo good :) 

8) What guarantee we provide with each puppy?

* You must read our sell agreement and " How to purchase one of Dean's puppy's page" located in this site.

* We will not respond to your questions or sell you any of our puppies before you read all required info and before you provide us with all requested info as well. 

* We do not provide medical assistance after the sell.

* We do not provide printed info related to your new puppy therefore, it's your task to print out all mentioned info located in this page and share it with your vet during the first visit.

* DO NOT let your vet provide your puppy with any medical before he/she reads this info.  

Dean wishes you the best of luck :) 

                 Teacup/Toy Yorkie Puppies for sale

                 all pups are on sale until Jun/10/18

                            Sorry all are sold